Additive manufacturing services are speeding up product design and development processes with broad acceptance across industries. By using 3D modeling services, additive manufacturing enables businesses to create tools on-demand, and with multiple design iterations in the time taken to procure a single tool conventionally.

    Cyient DLM provides end-to-end solutions and expertise in both polymer and laser metal 3D printing services. With a designated tooling design team of 100+ engineers, we leverage opportunities that technology offers by adding value to an existing part such as weight reduction, enhanced performance, part consolidation, reduced costs, and shorter lead times.

    Cyient DLM additive manufacturing business benefits


    Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing

    We help customers reduce costs and create more value by providing an alternative to  conventional manufacturing processes through our specialized 3D modeling services.


    Enhance Conformal Cooling

    Customers can improve tool performance and increase throughput with a more uniform and quick cooling mechanism around the manufactured component by leveraging our additive manufacturing services that incorporate conformal cooling.


    Custom Tooling Components

    We deliver the finest quality by taking complete ownership of tooling component optimization. This includes high-strength tool design and fabrication with a detailed inspection and test reports.


    Jigs and Fixtures

    Boost efficiency and reduce lead times for the design and production of specialized tools, gauges, fixtures, jigs, and casings by leveraging our in-house additive manufacturing services.

    Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing

    Enhance Conformal Cooling

    Custom Tooling Components

    Jigs and Fixtures

    Value achieved through additive manufacturing - what makes it essential?


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    Part weight reduction

    Reducing 1 kg in weight can lead to $10,000 saved over the life of an aircraft.

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    Part count reduction

    Fewer parts, streamlined supply chain, and lower inspection time.

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    Reduced wastage

    Higher buy-to-fly ratio. Significant savings on expensive materials such as titanium alloys (conventional BTF ratio of 20:40 for milling process versus additive manufacturing’s BTF ratio of 1.3:3).

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    Simplify complex designs

    Ease of manufacturing highly-optimized designs that are fit for function.

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    Low volume, custom parts

    Developmental tooling, prototypes, spares, and custom medical parts can be made at a lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

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    Reduced lead time

    On-demand manufacturing reduced dependency on job holding tools, fixtures, and more.

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    Improved performance

    Conformal cooling, smoother flow passages, high SA/V heat exchangers are examples.


    Reduced Inventory

    Creating a digital inventory for reduced warehousing costs and enhanced logistics.


    How can businesses minimize costs and lead-times for tooling units to improve performance and agility?

    Discover how Cyient’s end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions and services deliver multiple advantages in the design and production of tooling components.

    Aerospace and Defense Applications

    •  Heat exchangers
    • Mounting brackets
    • Ducts
    • Jigs and fixtures
    • Housings
    • Non-critical support structures
    • Bezels
    • Surrogates for training
    • High-detail visual prototypes
    • Panels
    • Profile inspection tools
    • Cabin interiors and accessories
    • Impellers
    • Inserts
    • Manufacturing aids for the assembly line