New Product Introduction

    Supporting seamless product introduction, from design and manufacturing to market launch.

    Time-to-market is critical when it comes to new product introduction (NPI). At Cyient DLM, we realize the importance of NPI in optimizing a new product's time-to-market. With a strong design DNA, we are well-placed to help customers launch complex products across industries. We bring extensive design skills, manufacturing expertise, and technology to meet customer needs. We have deep experience in design services, prototyping, quick turnaround, manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics support.

    Our NPI expertise:

    • 7000-strong design engineering team through Cyient Services arm
    • Strong supply chain ecosystem with 500+ suppliers
    • Strong industry domain knowledge with our team of experts

    Our NPI services:

    • Design
    • Component engineering
    • Design for manufacture analysis
    • Design for test analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Test system development
    • Supply chain design


    The Cyient Advantage

    Strong design DNA clubbed with manufacturing experience allows us to bring in the most competent team to build an NPI solution across our customers' entire product life cycle.


    Supply Chain Solutions

    The supply chain has been a key differentiator in bringing products to market faster. At Cyient DLM, our goal is to align with our customer's expectations and provide the best supply chain solutions to meet their needs. Our supply chain management solutions focus on identifying strategic drivers, business tools, and processes to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency in designing and manufacturing customer products.

    Our supply chain expertise:

    • Management of 500+ suppliers
    • Kinaxis tool to manage supply chain visibility
    • Manufacturing services for 100+ global customers

    Our supply chain solutions:

    • Vendor Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Environmental Solutions

    The Cyient Advantage

    Strong supply chain solutions with a focus on the right combination of people, processes, and networks to offer best-in-class services.


    Sustenance Services

    Helping customers extend product life and enhance their customer experience
    With extensive experience in sustenance services, our team brings services integrated across the complete product life cycle across design, build, and maintain. We enable product sustainability for our customers by building long-term brands and providing services that extend product life.

    Our sustenance services:

    • Repair and refurbishment
    • Obsolescence management
    • Value engineering
    • Localization
    • Aftermarket support

    The Cyient Advantage

    Strong design DNA clubbed with manufacturing experience that allows us to bring our customers the best sustenance engineering solutions.