Aerospace and Defense companies are looking to accelerate the engineering life cycle by bringing agility and scalability to reduce cost and speed to market. At Cyient DLM, we partner with our customers to provide complete product life cycle solutions. Our integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, combined with expertise in co-developing solutions, have enabled us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers. With extensive experience in safety-critical, high-mix, low-volume electronics, we partner with the world's best-known Aerospace and Defense companies.

Aerospace and Defense

We add value to our customers through complex sourcing and supply-chain expertise, intellectual property protection, and expertise in regulatory compliance required in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Some of the products we manufacture:

Cockpit Display Units

Flight Management Systems

Surveillance Radar Systems

Communication / Navigation Systems

Radar Sensors and RF Products

Our DLM expertise spans, but is not limited to:

Box Build Integration

Wire/Cable Harness

PCB Assembly

In-Circuit Testing

Aerospace CNC Machining

Precision Tooling

Vibration Testing

First Article Inspection

The Cyient Advantage

Our expertise and experience in handling high- and low-volume opportunities while optimizing speed, quality, and cost are key differentiators.

Our electronic manufacturing facility is amongst the first to earn the AS9100 aerospace certification and the first in India to obtain the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) certification for circuit card assembly (CCA).

Our expertise in advanced aerospace parts manufacturing and material alternatives for product optimization provides a unique value proposition to the aerospace and defense segment in avionics, mechanical systems, and aftermarket solutions.

Cyient Advantage

Aerospace and Defense Specific Certification

Success Story

Our customer is a Fortune 500 global aerospace company and a diversified manufacturer of aero engines, avionics, and airfield lighting systems. Our engagement with them started in 2014 when we stepped in to help address their challenge of staying competitive amidst spiraling manufacturing costs on location in the US and Europe. Our customer set-up a new global R&D center in Bangalore, India, to cut costs and wanted to have a manufacturing site supporting some of their global programs in close proximity for ease of coordination. We were shortlisted for our expertise in dealing with and manufacturing of low- to medium-volume, high-mix complex aero electronic products to the highest quality standards.

We used our vast aerospace and defense design and manufacturing experience in dealing with our global customers and cross-pollinated some of the best practices and lessons learned to address our customer's specific product needs and challenges.

We have set up a complex potting section to take care of special requirements, including conformal coating, which is part of the product.

We successfully carried out part localization for different power variants of another complex product which included localization of parts for cost competitiveness.

Our supply chain management technologies and Industry 4.0 linked plants enabled our customers to ensure predictable delivery schedules and continuous quality improvement. This helped in developing and producing products with faster time-to-market that were superior in quality. The trust developed over the past several years of our association led to the award of a mega multiyear next-gen aero cockpit cloud-connected avionics suit contract for Cyient DLM, which includes the manufacture and testing of multiple LRUs.