Technology is opening up fresh opportunities for industrial companies. With advancements in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies are rapidly shifting focus to building smart products that create an intersection between people, machines, and data to provide insights that enhance productivity and efficiency.

Cyient DLM's rich engineering experience in industrial and heavy machinery design and manufacturing gives us an edge—we have strong domain knowledge of industrial machinery, know-how, and strong manufacturing experience in complex connected environments.

We help customers design, prototype, and build industrial solutions across multiple segments, accelerating their connected journey.

Segments we focus on:

Automation and Robotics

Building Technology

Energy Storage

Industrial IoT

Our DLM expertise spans, but is not limited to:

New Product Development

Product Localization and Standardization

Value Engineering

Vendor Management and Support

Compliance Engineering

Products we focus on:

Building Technology

Clean Energy Products

Smart Meters

Flow Measurement and Analysis Units

Room and Plant Controllers

The Cyient Advantage

  • Strong end-to-end design to build capabilities and ecosystem for industrial products
  • Proven product localization capabilities with experience in reducing design to cost
  • Experience in improving product reliability through simulation, design validation, and DFX techniques
Cyient Advantage

Success Stories

Our customer is a Fortune 500 global leader in industrial electrification and automation. They were looking for a partner to support critical and complex industrial products and sub-systems such as measurement analytical devices, flowmeters, Power grid products, calibration equipment etc. 

Our relationship with them dates back to 1996, when the EMS industry in India was at a nascent stage. We eventually ended up as our customers - the first preferred partner in India

We supported our customers with high-mix medium volume complex PCBA/cable assemblies/box-builds. We also helped one of our customer divisions in Australia in formulating an India outsourcing strategy and supported them with the manufacturing and localization of multiple products within their power grid portfolio for their global requirements.

With the maturing of our relationship, we now provide extensive support to their process automation and measurement analytics division globally through the vendor-managed inventory (VMI) concept.

Our understanding of our customer's global internal business unit's structure and their sourcing requirements has enabled us to help them achieve their India sourcing objectives.

For our customers US division, our operational model enables to deliver the final shipment of finished goods from our designated warehouse in the US on a need basis, shielding our customers from industry fluctuations and excess inventory storage. We enjoy a deep, over 2 decades strategic relationship delivering quality output year-on-year due to strong quality assurance processes and a competent workforce.